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Discussion in 'R3Owners.Net Classifieds' started by Pumbaa, May 16, 2018.

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    Perth WA Australia
    2015 R3R
    I have the following for sale.. All items are located in Perth WA (Australia)

    All have been pulled off my 2015 R3R, so not sure if they will fit onto any other models.

    1 x set of T.O.R. exhausts - AU$ 350 firm
    1 x set of Dave Platt performance slip ons - AU$ 350 firm
    1 x "Super Trap" slip on - AU$ 150 neg
    1 x original exhaust header
    All original heat shields
    1 x original airbox and all piping
    1 x original Seat and pillion seat including brackets
    1 x set of rear blinkers (indicators)
    1 x set of front blinkers (indicators)
    1 x original handle bars
    1 x original set (both lights) headlight inserts
    1 x original radiator overflow tank
    1 x set original mirrors (black)

    All items are used to an extent, except the seat and airbox they were only on the bike until delivery, TOR's have about 500km use, DP slip ons about 1000km and Super trap approx 200km.

    Shipping costs of the exhausts will be pretty steep due to the weight and dimensions.

    Make me some offers on stuff with no prices.

    20180515_112647.jpg 20180515_112257.jpg 20180515_112747.jpg
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