1. sleeves

    Lighting Question

    I recently fitted LED headlights and am very happy with them. Am wondering if I can remove the Eastern Beaver kit I have and use it on my other R3 that has stock lights? It will also tidy up my birds nest under the tank. My head says this is a bad idea as new headlights, even though they...

    Has anybody fitted a JW Speaker adaptive lighting system to their rocket touring? Does the headlight unit fit into the existing bucket easily? Or did you have to buy an adaptor kit. I am really interested to know your opinions on these lights. I ride almost every day and most of my commute...
  3. barbagris

    Corner Lighting R+D

    Spent a bit of time wiring - Phase one video here
  4. KY_Rattler

    Gauge Lighting Repair/Upgrade

    Hi All, Recently, the tiny bulb in my Fuel Gauge burnt out, and I opened it up to see which bulb I needed to replace it. Turns out, its a GE 74 (or size 74) wedge base bulb. After a little thought and search on the internet, I found that the LED bulb base is called a T5. I can get 10 of them...