1. Joesmoe

    **SOLD** Dolly, motorcycle, "Black Widow" - discountramps.com

    I'm selling this dolly: Backing down the driveway ? It's perfect for the Rocket (I have the Touring model - I think any will do), and in my narrow garage, allows me to push the Rocket to one side, making better use of limited space. This in their "Cruiser Dolly" This is in practically the...
  2. kingmerle

    harbor freight dolly problem

    I recently purchased and assembled the harbor freight dolly so I could spin my bike around easily in my garage. it went together easily but when I drove the bike up on it and attempted to put the kick stand down the kickstand extended out further than the tray so that it was sitting up on the...
  3. Rocket3Pilot

    Which Garage Dolly is Best?

    Just bought a new house with a 2 car garage. YEA!:) First order of business was having a pro come in and resurface the concrete and seal it with a beautiful epoxy coat! So now I'm ready to purchase a dolly for the rocket so I can turn her around with ease and scootch her over in the winter to...
  4. FunkSoulBro

    The MS320 Motoslider Motorcycle Dolly

    The cheese and kisses gave me some born day cash to buy a long awaited motorcycle dolly of some sort. Sick of the 10 point turns to get the big girl into position to simply ride out of the garage. And so I found the MS320 Motoslider, an Aussie product for a little over $200 delivered. It arrived...