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Touring Tune by Nels at TwoWheelDynoWorks 2018-06-09

No permission to download
Redline at 6500
Fan Activation at 95c
Speedo -5.5%
Speeed Limit 299kph
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest reviews

For me, ram air, crossover delete pipe, d and d pipes and bike runs flawless and just a pull on dyno jet dyno showed 146hp and 153tq. Afrs were 14 to 15 but bike ran perfect so I chose to not do a tune with that setup.
Just installed, excellent!
Ram air, Paul bryant crossover, and D&Dslip ons. No decel popping at all and no backfire on full dump at redline! Nice tune!
A very smooth running tune with no decel popping. Performance is good with a very nice exhaust note. I'm running TORs, Ramair and a PB crossover pipe.
Love it! It's a lot smoother bike.
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