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    Next Generation Key-Less System

    I made the same boo boo in asking for instructions ☺ The link was in one of the early messages I received from @DEcosse. Oh and by the way, my system works like clock work.
  2. Johnny


    What intelligent posts. I guess theres no hope for you guys. Hey scotty Ill say hi to Hombra for ya. And it is Boing bout the same as nasa.God help ya all.See ya next month :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:Opps forgot TEHE :roll:
  3. Johnny

    Oil sump leaking??

    Ignorance is bliss,you all deserve the problems your gona have now that your rockets are getting older.All them taiwan parts are just gona corroad away..Hey Scotty did you know that my jap bikes don't have any taiwan parts on them..Good luck guys see ya next month to see how many new problems...
  4. Johnny

    high / low idle

    Strange that 3 years of idle problems seem to all have different solutions.Himmm Wonder if any two techs have diagnosed the problem as the same thing??Now I hear the new touring has the same gas gauge problem as 4 years ago..Wonder if they will ever figure it out??
  5. Johnny

    Oil sump leaking??

    So tell us T tech,why the change on the sump plate??
  6. Johnny

    Lost Instrument Readings

    Love the end of that flow chart (contact triumph service) and bring your wallet..WOHO :wink: :wink:
  7. Johnny


    A quarter inch EH.What else can I expect from a Boing employee..The info on this site is gona get someone killed..
  8. Johnny

    Beware tonic #386 - Drink at your own risk

    If you dont get the latest tune update Triumph will void your warranty..The new tuns were mandated by the EPA>> :roll: :idea: :roll: :twisted: :evil:
  9. Johnny

    Triumph Cat Bypass, Does It Work With Stock Pipes?

    Dealers As usual.. :shock:
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