Sad git sez hello...


Standard Bore
May 20, 2006
Newmarket (ish), England
Hello All,

Been out of bikes for too long. I have always been a Triumph fan, and had many when I was younger (47 now). Seeing the R3 has started the craving's again, and I'm a basket case at the mo!
Booked an R3 for test ride for next week, and just hope (or maybe not?) that we get along.

Are there many Brit's on this board? I hope I've found the right place.

graunch :)
I am afraid a test ride is only going to make your condition worse. I test rode a Rocket only a few months after getting a Speed Triple. It seemed the Rocket was always in the back of my mind. So I had to sell the Speed Triple and got the Rocket. I don't regret it a bit, it just pissed the wife off.
Skip the Test

Greetings Graunch mate. You'll find more info, ranging from technical to existential, on this forum, once you have explored it, than on any other bikers site. And pen- (keyboard?, nowadays) pals, i.e. potential good buddies around the world:) .

You'll get along. It's not just about liking big dawgs or supporting Triumph or backing Britain (am personally guilty on all three accounts). It's certainly NOT about getting old (I should know, I am already serving that sentence)

It's about a distinct motorcycling style. Welcome to it. Best:cool:

Jamie -Triumph Rocket III-
Another Happy Captain

Welcome Graunch. Can't wait to find out what the name's all about. I'll warn you ahead of time to practice smiling a lot. Also, you'll find that turning your head as far to the right and left as you can will get you prepared for looking at other bikers as you pass them! :p

I lived in London for a while in 1965 and went back to visit in 85. Whew....what a change. When you get settled in on your R3..... let us know a little about yourself and where you're located on the Isle.

Glad to have you join us.
Hello graunch!!

I'm sure you and the Rocket will get along just fine. That is why the Rocket is so loved... its the world's greatest all around bike. I also hope you enjoy our little madhouse... look around, there is a lot to see :D

Welcome Graunch, Make sure you have the cash when you do the test ride because you will get adicted and have to have one. It brings back the feeling of youth in an old fella and a broad smile to boot. Let us know how you go.