.020 Over
May 19, 2006
First heard of the Rocket and thought that someone was having a go at me with 2300cc. I went and saw one and thought toooo big for me. Got offered a ride one day and we had lift off, I said gotta get me one of these and now I have. I feel like I am 18 again on board the Kawasaki 900, this bike has taken 30 years off me and I love it. I live in Australia am I the only member from there?
Welcome Royston. There is actually quite a group of Aussie Rocket owners and a few of them make their way through here. I agree the Rocket is unbelievable until you ride it.
Fundamentally, this IS an australian site, Royston. Some 'mericans and limey's plus a few other, arguably weirder, minorities, truly yours included, occasionally darin' to make a forgivable appearance, that's all :D

Hey, WELCOME mate;)
G'Day Mate

Glad to have you on board. I'm in the enjoyable position of going through Male Menapause with the R3 making the transition a lot easier to bear. One advantage is you can go fast enough that it produces an " INSTANT FACE LIFT". Guess that's why I hate to stop 'cause in the end, gravity always wins.

P.S. Don't mind Jamie......he's harmless, funny and probably was constructed by a fanactical watch maker in Switzerland many, many years ago. :rolleyes:
Welcome Royston!!! There are a few from Oz on here and we can always use more. There is a group of us from Missouri and Kansas and I believe if we were to dig a hole it would come out in Oz :D. You could have us arrested and sent back...

Anyway... look around, make yourself at home!!

Please tell me..

When I was in Australasia in the 60s everybody drank beer but now it seems everybody drinks wine. Are you all becoming French? Gaday and No worries from a visiting Texican. Hope to see your wonderfull country and people again soon.
We drank VB and XXXX by the bucket in the 70s all the way to the 90s but then the city snobs started to drink wine and premium beer. Lifestyle in the cities here now is very unfriendly. If you make the trip back try the cities that aren't capitals there are genuine people there by the truckload. Premium beer is the only stuff I drink now so I must be a little caught up as well. I love living here I just keep out of the capital cities.