Living Legend
Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
We need to get our somewhat unstable, horned pachyderm in here and soon. Want me to recruit, Tomo? If I say " dreaded Swiss ski instructor", he'll drop ;) by right in here.
Peer-Pressure, thats what it is!!!

It was very presumptuous to assume I was still alive!

.. For those who don't know, I passed my bike test at the end of January 2006, asked people if the R3 was a good first bike, then ignored them all and am commuting on a slightly bent red one through ice and rain every day.... You'd have to be really bored to read the thread that follows my decision, so don't. Better to look at what we'll all be riding next year...

I ordered a big chrome bicycle bell for my R3 and (having failed to find any on the Internet) walked to the shop, only to find that they couldn't get one either and had, instead got a little plastic thing that went "Ding-Dong" :-(
Why don't Triumph do a big bicycle bell? Its such an obvious thing to want to put on!

wot no spell chequer?
Better to look at what we'll all be riding next year...

Very strange.......after watching that I am going to have nightmares tonight. And I'll leave it to someone else to comment on your dinging Rocket.
Holy Crap.... that thing can dance with itself!!!

We had one of those running around behind the dealership but I just assumed it was the roach wagon gone bad....