Hero Blob

Feb 18, 2007
On my short ride of about 200 miles today, I saw 3 Rocket IIIs. A burgandy one, a black one, and a yellow one. None of them were riding together. I saw them at seperate instances. You guys are growing in number.
probably 30 or 40. Add 20 or so custom junk choppers, and the odd 30 or so sportbikes.

You guys are still safe! :)
And that builder is Triumph with the all new Rocket!

Hero BLob, You may be right on,...and who better,......HD,.......NOT!!!

In the 16k+ miles I have put on mine, I've only ran into 2 other Rockets.

[Well, I didn't actually run into them, just saw them.]

I still run into people that are not aware Triumph makes bikes. And many of these folks tell me they own motorcycles.:eek: I'm not saying they are ignorant shlubs or anything, just that Triumph can easily get lost out there in the world of big boy power sports. It will take time for Triumph to reestablish it's "household name" status.
I turned 15k last week and have only come across 2 Rockets including Molinoman.I have seen one parked at the flea market and of coarse there is SoccerRef on group rides but that is it! I know my dealer has sold 20 to 25 a year but I don't see them. I kind of like the the lack of presence cause I give the lookers so little time to digest what just passed them.