That is cool... the hydrostatic drive is something I've never seen before. To me, that makes more sense than a driveshaft, chain or belt. (Unless its inefficient, but it doesn't appear to be).

Is it an optical illusion or maybe my blood pressure has dropped too low but the rear wheel seems to be offset from the front.... maybe a balance problem??
And I thought our Rockets looked agricultural. I wonder how tough it would be to shoe horn that Kuboto 3 cylinder into our frame, or lack of frame as the case may be. Naw I have enough projects going on, if I were to quit taking on stuff to do and lived to be a hundred I would still die with stuff left to do.
Watch that agricultrial ****te. I own 2 Kubota agricultrial tractors, an M9000 wich is a 220 cubic inch turbo'd and intercooled 4 cylinder and an M105 wich is a 240 inch turbo ATA 4 cylinder. the 9 is 90 pto and the 105 is 105 pto respectively. Kubota engines are bulletproof. They are used in everything from gensets to Thermo King units. A hydrostatic drive is a little inefficient and the power loss equates directly to heat. You have a driven pump and a slave pump. Would probably work well on a bike, but in tillage practice you can't get rid of the inherent heat fast enough and it will destroy the hydrostatic pump in pretty short order.

The bike is interesting but I'd imagine the performance is on par with a potato bike.