WELCOME! to our R3 Family Forum... First Triumph or next? Any photo's?? I have the the older 2.3 R3T, so I'll let someone else answer your question. That said, any vehicle I've purchased new I let the dealer do the first service and even after while I have a warranty so I have a record of maintenance in the event of issues... and it's worked. Fortunately, I've seldom needed it. ENJOY your new Perma-Grin :thumbsup: :cool:
I let the dealer do the first service. Come to think of it I have never done a service on it. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 My dealer is good and I have an independent shop that works for me also.
Well took my rocket 3 in for first service. Was taking awhile. Finally the service manager came out to talk to me. Was a factory update to be performed. During that the instrument cluster died. Tried to get it back with help from triumph hot line. Ended up ordering a new one.
I did the first service on my older Rocket Roadster. Informed the dealer I'd be doing it since I lived so far away. They stated so long as I used Triumph approved oil and filter... no issue. I bought the stuff from them so there would be no issue. The older models didn't really require any ECU updates though and no recalls on the 2012 and up models... Saved myself a bundle both on travel and service costs.

On the newer model, I would ask the dealer to perform any updates/recalls before I picked it up then ask if I could again perform my own service. The only issue is the need to reset some kind of service reminder that some have commented about on the newer model. How to perform the reset without the dealer???