Myrtle Beach Bike Rally 2007


.020 Over
Mar 27, 2007
North Wilkesboro, NC
garyculb invited all the R3 Captains to join him at the Hard rock cafe during the 2007 Fall bike rally @ Myrtle Beach, SC. Unfortunately I was the only one to show other than garyculb. We did picked up another R3 rider not a member of the R3owners forum. We meet at the Hard Rock cafe took a few pics and purchased a really nice shirt from garyculb. It was a target rich environment, if you call Harley's targets. Although most of the Harleys were amazed to see a bike with an engine that produced more power than sound:cool:. I added some pics in my photo album of our bikes in front of the Hard Rock. Hopefully next year will will make a stronger show. although with 3 Rockets we had more HP than all the Harley's :D. Be safe we'll see ya next year. Link Removed
The Rocket III seems to be more the Lone Wolf of the cruiser world. We hunt alone or in very small packs but, we earn more kills than all others combined:D