Loose front rotors

Paul Hyland

Dec 29, 2006
League City TX
Has anyone noticed there front rotors loose:eek: shortly after I brought it home I noticed a clicking when I applied the front breaks? Could not find it, thought maybe the pads but no. Yesterday was looking at how the rotors are assembled I grabbed one and it moved. Not just front to back but side to side. I'd say there is about .050 of play in all directions. Anyone else have this. dealer said there should be no play and bring it in.:confused:
Well I have 450 miles on it so I should just have them do a 500 while it's in there so I am free to ride when the weather breaks. Rode it to work today, 72 out:p

They are supposed to be that way.They are floating rotors.The rear has floating calipers. Tomo or some one here can link u to older posts on this.

I Remember that thread now. Sorry to keep bringing up old stuff. By the way t-solv by selig will clean the break dust out real quick and you won’t get any slippery residue on you rotors.