Indian Motorcycles are alive in the UK

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Jul 16, 2006
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Indian Motorcycles are alive....

With the demise of the Indian Motorcycle Company a year or two back and the pending re-birth of the Marque now owned by Chris Craft Boats here in the United States, the Indian motorcycle is being built on a custom basis in the UK by Dakota/Indian Motorcycles, UK.

Make no doubt about it. This isn't the S&S variety that the resurrected Indian Motor Company built before their demise 2 years ago. This is an honest -to-goodness inline 4 cylinder (longitudinal) air cooled engine with shaft drive. This bike is all more
And British motorcycles are alive in India;) . They're called Royal Enfield

But Jamie, the Enfields are as far from the 750 Interceptors of the sixties as I am from my ex-wife. The Indian is a multi cylinder shaft drive bike. The Enfield is a 500 thumper with a top speed of 65 per with a tail wind.

To look at the British Indian is like looking at a Henderson with a driveshaft and decent brakes, well, in the front.

Enfield Bullet's are like URAL's. Something you are curious about but never want to own. If you know someone who has one you might ask to take it for a ride but that's about it. I've ridden both and I'm not impressed with either.