Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Well, here I go again. For anyone interested ....... I'm riding to Atchison, Kansas this coming Sunday, November 4th. I plan on being at the parking lot of the old municipal airport (downtown) at 11:30 am. Kick stands up at 11:45 am.

Riding some of the back roads should provide some great colors of leaves and get me in Atchison around 1:00 pm. I have an idea where I'm going to eat ( See below ) but nothing is set in concrete. I'm guessing I'll be done around 2:00 pm. and from there I'll just wing it. If Rusty joins me we might ride back in his direction or head someplace we've never been.

Anyone interested can meet me at the airport or in Atchison at:

Mueller’s Lockeroom
120 S. 2nd
Mon.-Sat., 11am-2am; Sun., 11:30am-10pm
Sports bar and grill
I'm planning on finding the address for the grill in Atchison and being there about the time you arrive PM. Lunch and a drink would be great & a ride afterwards will be greater. 70 degrees in the afternoon will be ideal. I've gotta run 200 more miles to hit the 10K mark & pay big bucks for the scheduled service. I'm so excited :D.

See ya. I'll keep you posted of the potential of my getting away for the afternoon but it sounds like you planned this around my Sunday schedule.