I got a little surprise during my first trip to drag strip in 2022


Nov 6, 2020
Triumph Thruxton R
I've been waiting for a year now for my buddy to finish the performance mods to his Rocket 3. He is still has not found the gremlins in his Rocket 3 mods so he brought his new Tiger 900 to the drag strip to race against my Thruxton R.

Normally I run a 11.6 to 11.9 ET in the quarter mile, however Saturday was different.

Idaho Red Rocket 3

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Nov 22, 2008
Nampa, Idaho USA
2006 RIII Standard Bagger w/Fairing
The new Tiger GT did Ok but not as I expected. The new Arrow slip on muffler sounds really good. It should be the stock muffler. I think everybody was not getting good numbers due to the cold and a stiff hard wind blowing in our faces as we went down the track. Except maybe those 2 Tesla that raced each other. Crazy fast and they were just normal street cars. Both got into the 9's with ET's of 9.91 and 9.36 at 143 and 149. I watched them standing right next to the track. Funny as all get out absolutely no sound. Even their tires hardly made any sound. Way to quiet and it is just wrong. They need a PA system and a sound track from an F15 or something.