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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Picky, indeed:(.

For some contrarian (?) reason, this reminds me of one of Car & Driver' s "10 Best Car Salesman Stories" contest, about 8 years ago:

Junior car salesman dealing with an elderly couple. The talk has been going one for about an hour, right in front of a car that's on display in the showroom. The deal's about to be clinched.

EXCEPT that the old man suddenly seems to have second thoughts about it. "Anything wrong?" , asks the junior salesman, visibly worried. " Well..." says the old man, "You see, at our age, we don't travel much... that 6-cylinder engine in such a small car don't really make sense to me... MPG rating is a bit low, too... I' d rather have a 4 on it" .

"No problemo!" replies the junior salesman, visibly relieved... "I' ll ask the service manager to fix that for you"

:D Jamie (from memory)
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