Aug 25, 2007
Joined a time ago and finally decided to say HI, I have a 06 RIII Classic Red and New England White. I have to say I was smitten the first time I saw a picture of the RIII and then it was love at first sit.
This bike is everything that I have wanted, just like a women , looks good, fast, gives you that tingly feeling, and put a grin on you face.
I do have to add that she does not care if you ride another.
That's right, bend over and grin real big. Only problem is you want more stuff, little more speed, better saddle, etc. Fun ain't it! Stock up on tires.
Bohica, welcome, is that a Senior Chief/Coast Guard version? That is what I was when I retired in 93 (Machinist Mate).
Welcome. I went to Daytona the first year the display trailer was there and took lots of pictures of the cutaway demo engine and bike. It was black and of course I fell in love with it. Two years ago I finally got my 2005 Black RIII. I then sold my 97 Valk Tourer, as the little hot rod spot had been taken by the Rocket.
Welcome Bohica,

Happy New Year to you. Enjoy the Beast, it never gets old. Jump in often and post some shots when you get a chance.