Hey! from Georgia!


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Sep 11, 2005
Googled this forum up and thought I'd see what's happening here. I own an 05 Red Rocket with about 12K miles on it. A VTX before that. I've made a few mods to make the front end ride high...hence the user name 149HP. Lookin' forward to talkin' Rocket!
Hey 149hp, figure out how to post some photos & show us that "ridin' high" front mod. Not sure what you've done but I'm sure everyone will want to see. Maybe you could offer up a little more explaination (typed info) as to your change.

Keep it safe out there & keep on line, you'll get a lot of welcomes from the folks here.

See ya.

Duhhhhhh. As soon as I posted I figured out the "front end ride high" comment. You are one of those captains that like to use only one wheel, the big one on the rear. Now I get it.

Still gotta post some photos. Sounds like a lot of alterations. Would love to see them.
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Hi 149HP!!

Welcome... we like guys who want horsepower...

Sometimes my front end gets a little high :D, and I ain't no stoner..

Hi 149HP,I see you have done quite a bit to your ride,didn't see any rear suspension upgrade.Did you have any problems doing the pc111 mod? How about your milage? I'm just asking cause I want to find out more before I make the jump.Welcome and it seems you have the power addiction under control.:D

Just returned from Savannah where me and my best friend (harley rider) spent the weekend fishing the intercoastal. Planning on Daytona this spring. Where in Georgia do you live. Going to ride to Daytona for Bike Fest?
Q&A !

Rusty - Pics of the front end getting light....It just got light again today but know one to take a pic. I'll work on that one.

Baggage1- Yes, I put Progressives on it w/ HD springs. PCIII-No problems. I went to a Ducati racing shop where the guy was certified by DynoJet. He seemed to be maticulous.

Pig9r - I'd have to search for the model # but I put 3 individual K&N's atop the throttle bodies after taking the secondary butterflies out. The coolant overflow went beneath the seat and the plastic air plenum was tossed out. The bear claw needed to be spaced out only in the back about 5/8". Hardley noticable.

Raymond - I'm on the NE side of Atlanta...just 50 min. from the twisties of the N. Georgia mountains. Daytona- I usually go there every spring rally and sometimes to Biketoberfest. Maybe we can meet this spring. Last time down, we had about 8 Rockets. What a site!
Welcome Aboard

149hp.... you've got a beautiful state to ride around. I used to work in Buckhead and lived NW in Sandy Springs. Had a wonderful time and remember riding around Christmas day with the convertible top down at Five Points.

Looking forward to the pix.
149 HP. Fantastic! I am trailering to Savannah, and then riding down with 4 buddies and three girls. When it gets closer I will email you and it would be great to hook up with some Rockets!