Aug 13, 2006
Costa Mesa, CA
got my r3 2weeks ago in part to this and the other r3 forum. rented different harleys and was bored. test rode the rocket and the fun was back. looking forward to doing some mods on this beast. shop i bought it from has a dyno so with help from you guys on the tunes we'll see how this thing can really fly.
Good to see you here Travelguy,lots of information here on how to mod your machine to go faster for not too much money.Up to a supercharger and 300 hp. if that's your goal.My dealer is getting a dyno next month and will be going the same route a lot of these guys have with cat-bypass and aftermarket pipes and tuneboy for the decel popping.That is after I get the hanging on part down pat with the stock setup.:D
Welcome aboard Travelguy and congrats on your purchase;) . It ushers in a long period of joy. And should you ever feel, for whatever reason, that the joy factor is no longer up to your expectations, you could always get a one-day rental from Harley again... or even a free demo loaner.

I'd submit that HD should re-label such "try-and-buy" marketing schemes, WHEN aimed at Rocket III prospects and owners, as follows:

"Rocket III Envy/Satisfaction Re-Assurance" program :D

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Welcome Travelguy!!

That will be cool if you can get hooked up with the dyno.... as you can see we need all the help we can get:D

West Coast Connection

Welcome to the ranks of mostly satisfied R3 riders. That's the good thing about this forum.....if there is something wrong there are people who are willing to pitch in and give you a hand. The Rocket versus Harley debate has one simple point.

  • For those that understand what the R3 is about - no answer is necessary
  • For those that don't understand - no answer will ever suffice
thanks for the welcome guys. put on the shifter side floor board today, didn't have time to do the brake side, and had to try it out. gee does it sound like i am addicted ? went to the store and when i came out there were tw0 chicks parked behind my bike who had gotten out to check out the r3. hehehe tribal blue = chick magnet.
hey jamie, i was in chur and other parts of swtz. that's a really beautiful country you have there. i believe the train trip we took through the alps was the glacial express. i was most impressed to say the least.