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Sep 18, 2007
Hi, I live in Maryland and see a few RIII's running around in my area. I recently retired my Venture and am looking for a bike that can fill the touring job it used to do. The Rocket III has had my attention since it was introduced and I lean towards the "classic" flavor of it.

Okay, I know this has been discussed over and over but it is one of the things that is making me hesitant about the Rocket III.

What is a typical price for the rear tire?

Is there a good place to order them online?

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$300 mounted. Mileage poll conducted here on the forum somewhere. Avon says they'll have an alternative after the first of the year, though I wouldn't expect competitive pricing; equal to the gouging from Metzler is my wager.

Or go over to the "darkside"... >10:1
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welcome road venture,
My first bike was a venture royale, nice bike. glad to see you thinking of joining the rocket club. I love mine, like anything man made, it may have a few bugs to work out, but overall I don't think you will ever regret going to a rocket as your cruiser. My last road trip was 5 days and 2500 miles. It was great. Rademis
Just had to replace my rear tire got a three inch nail in it; I had 5500 miles and still going strong. Same day service at the dealer installed $325.00 including tax. They gave me a $55.00 discount on the tire if they did the work.
Arizona Tire

Glad to have you join us and I hope you get an R3 soon. You're wasting good daylight!

One of the Phoenix members just got one for $110.00 By the time I got on Ebay to check out the other (2) rear Metz's they were up to $129. The company is located in Phoenix and estimated $41 to UPS the tire to Kansas City. There's been some comment about the production date on the tire and how old it has to be before it's not acceptable to mount.
I understand that it relates more to how the tire has been stored. If it's kept indoors and standing upright, there shouldn't be a problem with it's integrity. The one's you worry about have been laying down and warmed by the sun.