Hello from the frozen tundra


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Jan 8, 2008
Savage, MN
Hello everyone. I am new to the site but I have been a Rocket Rider since May of 2006. I live just south of Minneapolis MN which means my beloved "Kate" is in storage hibernating for the winter. I can't complain though, in 2007 I rode from March to November which is pretty good for this climate. I remember reading about the future Rocket 3 from Triumph in late 2002 and thinking, "man, this is a bike I have to have." I finally got the dough together and test drove one, I turned around after 2 miles and signed the paperwork. So far I have put on 12,000 miles and I have loved every minute of it. In June of this year I plan on riding the 1,300 miles around Lake Superior. I will start in Duluth and take my time around the lake.

My Rocket served as the limo for our wedding, check out the pics (search wedding or limo) on the photo pages.
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Welcome to the site, I'll sit here and wait out winter with ya. Our temps don't compare to yours, but it's cold enough and dark too early (I live in a deer meca) for me to get much riding in. Good to have ya aboard.
Welcome aboard, if you are lookig to ride just about year round come on down to TEXAS.:D:D