Hello from the California Central Valley


.020 Over
Jun 14, 2007
Hi all, I have a 2006, black/sunset red classic.

I live near Fresno and work (Civil Service) at a Naval Air Station in the area. Came here on active duty about 15 years ago and it grew on us, so we retired/stayed here:)

I came into the R3 community about 3 weeks ago by trading a 2003 HD Screamin' Eagle Road King. Loved it, rode it to Rhode Island and back, rode it to Phoenix and back 3 times, etc. But after sitting on an R3 up in Las Vegas, I was hooked. Also the prospect of having a water-cooled motor was a top priority. Love the shaft drive, love the fact that it doesn't feel like I'm sitting in a blender at stoplights, love the fact that it doesn't take 6 hours to clean it, and best of all, IT IS "OH-MY-GOD" FAST. My SERK had a 103ci motor, but ours is in a differnet league all together. Just absolutely classy looking.

So far, I've installed a sport screen and tall sissy bar/rack. Got Jardines as well. All three were part of the trade. Waiting for my Tuneboy to get here, and hoping to find a tune for Jardines AND stock air filter (I don't really want to screw with that just yet). I do plan to begin the install tomorrow. I've been lurking here for about 3 or 4 days and am impressed with the site and the riders on it. Lot's of great information! I hope to be able to contribute soon as I begin to learn the R3 and forget the SERK.

Welocme XhdR3rider,

Sounds you are well on your way to R/3 land. I also run Jar's and really like the sound. Contribute often and post some pic's. There is really about everything you need know about the Beast on this site, mixed with allot of laughs and good natured sniping and ribbing. We all are to **** old to get mad.
Welcome to the site, love the name by the way. You'll need this site for camaraderie because alot of the Harley dudes won't talk to you any more. Enjoy your Rocket!
Hi Steve, welcome and lurk no more. If you are impressed by this bunch, it must not take much to impress you then.:D

Just to forewarn you--- you may hear people claim one color is faster than the next, but I have it on the highest authority that the color combo of red and black makes for the fastest Rockets.
Looks like your in for some moddin fun.

Get a good tune for that Classic and with the Jars you will be unleashing the beast on your old riding buds Hardleys every chance you get. The stock classic map is pretty soft. Tuneboy and a full power map will make you LOL in your helmet :D

I am retired Navy myself (1993), welcome to our little community of BIG BIKES.
I second what Pig9r said about the color combo although I'm sure he probably will run his faster than mine...I just like knowing the power is there if/when needed.
Hi Steve!!

I got to ride a 2004 Dyna Wide Glide yesterday and it sure would be hard to go back to something like that. It won't take you long to forget those, and if you get an itch for one, just go take a ride on any HD and that will cure it fast!

Welcome Xhd

Not the color thing again. Could you have waited a little longer before you started in on that Pig9r. You could have at least waited till we broke him in, and I don’t care what molinomans theory on color implies the one with Cutest chick on the back is the fastest. (that would be me):p It would have to be to keep her away from all us old perverts.:roll:
:flame:scorched yellow!!

Hi Steve

Welcome Steve. Thanks for sharing a little about your Rocket encounter. Just step right in and contribute to your hearts content. You sound like a good mix for this site.

Pictures,.....don't forget about creating your own personal photo album if you want.:)

Another Ca. captain joins our humble yet seemingly innocent little group.Yes the beast is something else and is growing at a very modest pace which we like. All here have CRS so don't worry. By the way that stands for Can't Remember Stretched arms so we tend to get on the beast a lot to be reminded.;) Welcome