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Nov 21, 2006
Hi to everyone out there.

Bought my Rocket in July 2005 after trading in my Thunderbird and Bonneville.
This is one serious motorcycle, one i never tire of looking at or riding!!
I expect i will be doing a lot more looking for a while as Winteris approaching and the first layer of salt (grit) has been put on some nearby roads.

I am in Scotland, and any UK rider will testify that the salt they put down does nasty things to motorcycles (it does nasty things to the roads!) so i will content myself buying bits and pieces over the winter months and visiting forums etc .

I am seriously considering buying a winter hack to run about on until Spring arrives as the Winter can seem very long (or i might just steal the wife's car) we'll see.

Anyway, all the best for Christmas and New Year.

Here's To Single Malt

Gerry..... Glad you've joined the group. I got my R3 the end of April, 2005 and now have about 8K on the beast. If you've followed along prior to saying hello you know we have a fun and informative time. I try to help with the fun and the smart ones do the imformation. Either way, we hopefully get something out of each.

My ancestors came from the Dumfries and Ayrshire area in the southwest part of Scotland. We use the Galloway Tartan and someday I'd love to have a kilt made.......... but right now there isn't enough gold in California to buy the amount of material it would take to wrap around this body!
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Welcome Gerry:
I agree, you never get tired of riding or just looking at an R/3. I am hoping to get another good 30 to 40 days of riding in before it get to the point where it just hurts too much from the cold. Please jump in often, it's always good to have some new blood to bat around ideas and share a laugh or two.
Pray for more global warming so I can keep riding :eek:... Just kidding...

Welcome Gerry!!! Look around, have fun, post lots!!!

Welcome Gerry,

Switzerland is not exactly renowned for its tropical weather either ;) . My '04 Rocket has gone through two dreadful, local winters and hundreds of miles of salty roads, without ANY visible damage. Cheerio!

Hi Gerry,and welcome to the society of the power addicted.Yes I can identify with the salt,but I get mine from the Gulf of Mexico since I am in the Florida panhandle.It is by no means tropical this time of year and I had to put on some layers this week but should be back in the 70's by the weekend.:D