Hello Board! Un-Official Newbie Here


.060 Over
Sep 4, 2006
Cantonment, Florida. USA
2007 Rocket 3 Classic
I might be a member of the board, but I don't own a Triumph yet...so that makes me Un-official. I want an R3 asap, but have to wait till my current ride sells! I own a 05 VTX and ride it often 2-up with the wife. I made a choice to purchase the VTX without knowing about the Triumph line-up, thats the Gods honest truth. I was semi-happy with my purchase until I saw my first R3. Once I got home, I did an internet search and the world of Triumph opened up! Then low and behold I found out there was a dealership here in town hiding deep off the main roads..not visible. So as I type this I am on the outside looking in on the ones who are enjoying them. Hope I can get one in 07. Later, John


Mar 8, 2006
Body:West Central Missouri, Mind: Yes I are.
Welcome John. I have three brother's in Florida and they want me there BAD. Sure would be a great place for year round riding I imagine.

I hope you are able to take the test ride soon and get a good price for your VTX.:)

By the way you are OFFICIALLY a member here so don't sweat it....:bch:


Living Legend
Feb 25, 2006
Hey John... Welcome aboard!!

A lot of Rocket Captains are former VTX owners :D, go figure.... At least you guys can pretty much ride year around. If you had a Rocket you could rack up some serious miles.

This is a pretty friendly place... all you need to play here is an intrest in the Rocket, and since you have that you automatically get upgraded to "Official" status :roll:

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