Have I Made A Mistake With The PC III ?


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Feb 11, 2007
Summerville SC
Ok guys, im a newbie with the Rocket but not to motorcycles in the least. I recently bought an 05 Rocket with no current mods. I have purchased per one shops recommendation a set of Jardine pipes with a PC III. When I was with the dealer yesterday that I bought the bike from, they told me that Triumph had a new tune for the ECU out that is far better than the PC III. Told me that they were throwing away PC III's off other people's bikes. Have I spent 300 dollars on something that I dont need at all? Tell me no..... !

I haven't had a chance to try the new Triumph Factory tunes... they just came out recently.
The Pigman has been looking at them and found that the secondary throttle plates are closed quite a bit which is confusing, so really, the verdict is still out whether or not the new tunes are that good.

Here's some things to keep in mind:

1. The PC III has an accelerator pump feature that can be adjusted to your tastes. The stock tunes don't have this.

2. Even if you use one of the new tunes you can take your bike to a dyno and have the PC III reprogrammed to enhance performance of the stock tune. A factory tune is going to be heavy on emissions and light on performance. Even if you don't want to take your bike in and pay for a dyno session chances are good someone will somewhere and will eventually post it and you could remap your PC III.
The new Triumph tunes are posted in the Trading Tunes section. There is no difference from previous tunes really other than the idle being set at 820 RPMs from 750 RPMs. Fueling all appears to be the same. Tuneboy does have a canned tune for the Jardines, but Dynojet does for the PCIII. Your dealer apparently has compared the fuel mapping between the old and new tunes. So I think you made the right choice.
I think the differences between the two are negligable. As mentioned previously, the PCIII can but tuned to suit. If you can press a button, you can tune a PCIII.
Pc Iii

Thanks for the responses. I feel a little better now about my decision. I know lots of times the dealers can be full of it, but this tech was pretty convincing. Ive had bikes with a PC III in the past and always had good luck with them. I hope I find a map with this bike that opens it up with the Jardines.
I did the "for jardines" map on a PCIII on a rocket with jardines. At first it popped a lot on decel. I don't know if it was a fitament issue or the ECU making adjustments (if that's even possible) but the pop on decell subsided after a few 100 miles. Now it sounds and runs like a beast. It runs much better than it did and HOWLS when you are on it.