freeplay in throttle


Aug 14, 2006
Mount Carmel Illinois
I just purchased my Rocket and it has more freeplay in the throttle than I would like.
The book says to adjust it down by the throttle bodies. Can I just adjust at the top throttle control cable? I hate to sound stupid, but I don't want to screw anything up.
There is no adjustment up by the throttle, those are just plastic inserts and they don't adjust. You have to adjust them down by the throttle bodies just as the manual states.

You could have the dealer do it, if they are very loose they should have caught that during set up. You do want some free play in those cables, sometimes they will "pull" on their own when you turn the handlebars if they are too tight....
Had a similar problem with mine at about 5000 miles. Pulled the bearclaw and the overflow jug and found one of the locknuts on the outboard cable had backed off. Very easy to remedy. Yours may just need a little adjustment.
Throttle Free Play

I've also have far too much throttle free-play. I'm having so much fun riding I'm not taking her off the road for cable adjustments just yet. The raining season begins the end of next month. That'll be soon enough. There's a draw back to saving alot on the initial purchase price. Paying full MSRP enables demand for A-1 dealership preparation before delivery. Clutch free play needs attending as well. **** cosmoline bled from under and baked on the heads of a couple of stainless exhaust cover bolts. They may have been chromed before they were permanently discolored. I pointed this out, knowing full well it would screw the pooch when the pipes heated up, to a junior PVT salesman who's answer was something along the lines of: yeah, it looks like that got missed. Well kiss my grits! No $4it? Aside from the cosmoline and these adjustments my dealership got a cherry R3 to me. Actually Cardinal Red under Her3tic Black. Did I mention the headlights were aimed at the front tire. You don't get what you don't pay for. Since I'm griping...I got this fuel float issue; but, I'm sure that's not included in the dealer prep. checklist.
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I'm partly to blame HeR3tic for "dealer prep over site" cuz I don't call them out on it, opting instead to wrench any issue myself. I dislike dealerships and find far too many to be inept to some degree or another. Yes I'm picky, but I am mellowing with age,....thank God!!

Now the other side of the coin. (insert cricket sound) ,..............................................................................actually I don't envy dealerships. So very few make the grade, probably cuz it's VERY HARD to do so. I feel fortunate that I only have to drive 100 miles for Triumph service so the last thing I want to do is cause some bad karma for same.
I'll offer Triumph a good deal. They give me the full training necessary. I'll travel to each T-Dealership and perform an IG level QC on dealership preparations. I'll do that for a reasonable salary with all expences paid. Of course I'll need a company Porche; I don't fly anymore. If I can't know whether the pilots are armed and I can't carry my own I'll stay on the ground from now on. Do you suppose they'd have a staff opening?
Finally had some down time due to rainy weather. The throttle adjustment was a tad bit of a PITA. The factory had the top lock nuts at the top of the threads and the bottom nuts were a ***** to back off sufficiently to provide enough slack. Had I the right tweezers it may have been far easier. The radiator over flow container detachment was necessary. The adjusters at the throttle do appear to have a bearing on the adjustment process. I set them equally with about a quarter inch (.635cc) of adjustment then focused on the lower adjustments. Twas an easy process once the free play was accomplished.
Just wanted to throw this out. (.635cc) is a "volumetric" measurement, Cubic Centimeters. Possibly .635 cm is what the measurement was, but even that would be difficult to measure in such a confined space. 5 one thousandths of a centimeter is kind of elusive, but that's ok. I'm quite a specific kind of person too.

See ya.