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Nov 30, 2006
Molino, FL
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I know the oil is expensive, but can anyone give me an idea what a reasonable price can be expected to be charged for that first service. I am just trying to get a range to see if mine is in line or not with what everybody else may have experienced.
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The Swiss Franc equivalent of 240 US dollars, made up of:
Oil seal @ 1.60
Oil @ 63.50
Oill filter @ 15.70
Labour @ 159.20
That was in Nov. '04 and I doubt that prices have come down since then. From memory, labour included the installation of some accessories. Hope this helps, anyway. Jamie
I can tell you.

I just had my 500 mile service done the first of March, and it cast me about 250$,
Hint! make sure they give you the oil left over. They use it by the gallon jug and there is a couple quarts left over. It adds up so make sure they give it to you. (You paid for it) :D
My 500 mile service cost $197.00. I think it was the most expensive oil change I have ever had done. I did my own 10,000 mile service. The major thing was checking the valve clearance. My dealer wanted $500.00 for the service. I think in total it took me about 3 hours to take apart the cam cover, check all the valves (that were in perfect spec.) and put it all back together. The factory shop manual is well worth the bucks!!
Very Interesting

Sorry Molino,
In retrospect any info concerning the 10 k checkup should be a separate thread. I apologize, I did not mean to interfer with your request.
Jamie, did you get a badge or a sash when you became Hall Monitor?
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Back to Molino's initial question (which ought to be of interest to newbies as well), if I may, before we start comparing notes about subsequent service intervals and costs:

A quick search of earlier posts both here and through other forums (US and non-US) suggests that in US Dollar terms, anything within a 200-250 bucks-range is ballpark for the first, so-called "run-in", service. Which, IMO, is reasonable

For that price, though, I would (in hindsight) expect the servicing dealer to go over all the hardware and to retighten and locktite everything as necessary (I know, I read obsessive/compulsive on that fugitive hardware issue :D ), unless there's evidence that the job was already done as part of the pre-delivery service.

Expensive oil change

Thanks guys, the figures mentioned were about what I was facing, just didn't know if it was a little high.
Paul, thanks for the suggestion about asking for the "unused" oil, you're right, it's expensive and I paid for it, wonder what they'll say?
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If we were to service just two Rockets a day at an average of $250 each,comes to $120.000 a year. Wanta split that with me..Not to bad a living,we could be done by 10 am. each day. What a rip of.But aparently you guys enjoy paying it. seems like about 3percent on this board do there own maintenance..I'am sorry but what the hell is wrong with you guys..Is it just lazynes..Lets hear it whats your excuse????? Oh and when something goes wrong with your bike like the idle problem they don't know what the hell to do but they will sure take your money..Now let me have it...Jack
I'll lighten this fiasco up......

Monumental 'first service':

My first service came when I was 16 in the backseat of my dad's Merc. I think it cost around 2 bucks for gas and a buck for the drive in movie, which, of course I didn't watch.

That '63 Mercury Marauder had a fantastic backseat......just like a big couch.:D

Those were the days, cheap gas and cheap dates......:)