Living Legend
Jul 8, 2007
Fredericksburg, VA
Weirdest thing happened this morning. On my way into work, a red Ford pickup pulled
out of a bank parking lot in front of me just as I was making a turn from the main road
onto the side road that goes to my office. He was a good 100 yrds in front of me and our
speeds were low so I really didn't even consider it a flagrant foul.

Anyway, I pull into my office parking lot and look up to the road and see this red Ford
pickup passing by. He turns around and pulls into the parking lot as I'm walking up to the
door. He gets out and says, "Sir, I apologize for pulling out in front of you back there." I
thanked him and he drove off.

Now sitting here at my desk, I'm thinking he's one of two things:
  1. A biker himself and a really nice guy, or,
  2. An extremely nice guy.
I'm thinking it's more like #1 but whichever, it was nice to have someone apologize for
once. Anyone had a similar experience?
Might be a Fredburg thing. I had someone pull out of their driveway causing me a nice seat puckering moment. We pull up to a light (road is now two lane) and he pulls along side of me. I figure he's gonna call me an ******* for speeding or tail gating him a little. To my surprise he also said he was sorry and that he saw me but thought I was a Jeep. Young guy too.
In 36 years of riding I can't remember anyone apologizing for pulling out in front of me. But most of the time my "road rage" has taken over and people are afraid to approach the crazy biker. I'm such a good role model for the sport. :eek:
I'd make a terrible, terrible wife. :eek::D

I'll have to ask Britman's opinion on that.:eek:

Won't work. I couldn't support his motorcycle habit along with mine. Maybe we could just get together, have a movie night with "Terms of Endearment" and "Beaches" while painting each others toenails. I think I just made myself a little ill.