For Sale Black Oval tip Shorty Dual cat free exhaust


That's my name ....built like a truck
Feb 18, 2016
Duffy, Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA
2x2010 ABS Roadsters, Sprint ST 1050 ABS, 3x250s
Price Au$700 (US$470) in Aussie $

I found these in my storage this week.
Black Shorty Dual cat free big bore exhaust, fits std exhaust manifold collector and no need for a FREE FLOW CROSS PIPE.
This is NOT a Dave Platt (UK) version but from elsewhere.
An Australian bloke was making and selling them on eBay a few years ago.

It has a few minor scuffs underneath from gutters or ramp overs, easily re-blacked out.
Top, sides and tips of cans are unmarked but could do with a re-spray of exhaust paint or ceramic coating.
The heat with a std collector and manifold should not be a riding issue anyway.
Being pretty low restriction you will need a dyno re-tune or download a new tune to suit from our archived tunes as you may be running too lean with your stock tune.

5kg (11lb) to ship, so a huge 13 Kg (29lb) weight saving on the stock dual Roadster catted cans.

Au$136 (US$90) Standard Air Postage from Australia to USA with Australia Post including Au$800 insurance (sold in $100 increments).

Weight: 5kg
Extra cover$28.00

Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 3.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 4.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 5.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 6.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 7.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 8.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 9.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 10.jpg
Shorty dual rocket III exhaust 1.jpg
They look heavy gauge and built very well. A fresh coating and they would look badarse flaring out on that 250. You put up the best descriptions i have ever seen, you make me wanna just buy, buy, buy. These are very cool, good luck on the sale.
These are cheap folks, a set of Dave Platt Outlaws are going on Oz eBay in WA for Au$1000 (US$650), a good price too.

BUT mine are better and cheaper! ;) :cool::roll::roll::roll::roll: