Apr 18, 2007
Ringgold, GA
How about some pictures of my previous bike? 2002 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior. I polished the wheels, swingarm, various engine covers, basically all the aluminum bits except the frame, I also polished the forks and triple trees but did not get pics before the crash. I also did the paint work, my first paint job. The bike won several spots in the only show in was entered in, ie Peoples Choice, Best Foreign, Best Paint and Best of Show.:cool: It bested several high dollar custom bikes and the Harley boys were cryin' that the show was rigged:roll: . Let me know what you think, don't worry I'm thick skinned. If you like it, good, if not, well then,;) fack you.:D


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My kind of do It yourself guy..Bike looks fantastic.Keep up the nice work, do It yourselfers are getting to be a rare breed.. Jack
Good Work Cad

That is one sharp looking machine. It is a good feeling when you know the work is all yours. Plans for the Rocket?
shakes fist at her3tic:cool:

The plans for the Rocket are as follows, R I D E I T and try to keep the front end on the ground. The warrior was a great bike and strong, she handled like a sportbike with a low center of gravity. The suspension was modelled after the R1 as were the brakes, with its aluminum frame it was relatively light at 610 lbs. I kept her after the insurance settlement and intend on rebuilding her. I honestly spent so much time on her, that I couldn't bear the thought of watching her leave in the bed of a pickup with some yahoo that was just going to strip her, and not give her the love and attention that she deserves.
Looked good!

Great looking bike, I see you got rid of the ash tray can muffler that was OEM.
2 dtg!
I started off the polishing by sanding off the clear and/or anodizing to reach bare, amooth metal. Followed up by ever increasing grits of sandpaper to about 600 grit all by hand. Then switching over to a bench mounted buffing wheel with hard thru to soft compounds and wheels. It was a lot of dirty work, and I could have chromed it, but chrome lacks the soul of polished aluminum.

Yep the factory waterheater exhaust was gone before I bought the bike at the stealer. It had a set of Bubs Chambermaids on it and I found a set of staggered Rineharts that needed a new home, so she got new pipes. I ran both sets of pipes without baffles, and lost a little torque but the look on the faces of the Harley owners was priceless when the jap crap set off car alarms at local cruise-ins. She had the nickname of ole thumper. BTW, I still have the factory exhaust in my basement, I thought about making a halloween costume bazooka out of it.:D

And just an added note on the paint, the stripe was painted on, it was not a decal. I always did like the Shelby Cobras, but really the inspiration was the Viper GTS.
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