Ben Roethlisberger Injured in Motorcycle Accident

Just Like Ben's Bike

Ironically, I was coming home from a great ride with Pig9r and Toystoretom on Sunday when I was passed by a Red/Black 2005 GSX 1300 Suzuki Hayabusa. Supposedly the fastest bike currently made. We were side by side at the stoplight and I mentioned it wasn't fair that I had all this weight to haul around or I'd give him a run for his money.

Oops! Probably the wrong thing to say to a ****** rocket rider on this bike. He smiled, nodded and we took off together. I stayed with him for the first 3-4 seconds and then he slowly pulled away. I thought I gave a pretty good accounting of my ride but he started winding through traffic and was out of site. I rode another mile or so and when I turned to head toward a local watering hole, he had been sitting by the intersection waiting for me. I watched in my rear veiw mirror as he followed me into the parking lot.

He pulled up behind me as I got off and immediately started asking me questions about the R3. It took a good 15 minutes to answer all his questions and then we exchanged names and wished each other good and safe riding.

I guess you don't always have to be the fastest to be the best....... it just helps! ;)

Roethlisberger, 24, was not wearing a helmet, police said. He has said he likes to ride without one, a habit that once prompted a lecture from Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher.
Roethlisberger's contract does not have a specific clause regarding riding a motorcycle, Clayton confirmed. Roethlisberger was between radio interviews and on his black 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa -- a large, racing-style bike -- and heading toward an intersection on the edge of downtown. A silver Chrysler New Yorker traveling in the opposite direction took a left turn and collided with the motorcycle, and Roethlisberger was thrown, police said.
Did you notice the statement in the article that he should stay off of motorcycles until his playing career is over? I did. What's up with that? He could get just as crippled playing ball. And I do believe is an adult and shouldn't be told what kinds of fun he can have or not have. As long as it is all legal!
A lot of people told him that... even Bradshaw. Big Ben seems to have a reckless personality on the field, and maybe these guys know him a lot better than most. He may be an accident waiting to happen, so to speak. I think they were just trying to protect him as good friends will do. But it all falls back to the fact that most people have to learn for themselves, you can't tell them what to do. It will be interesting to see what his involvement with motorcycles will be in the future. I really do wish him a complete recovery and all the best, but I have a bad feeling his football days are over because of the knee injuries. Big, tall guys like that don't recover well from that kind of thing, they usually loose their speed.
I am surprised he didn't have a clause in his contract prohibiting from 'dangerous' activities such as riding a motorcycle with no helmet; many high profile professional athletes have such clauses. Shoot, many cities and companies now prohibit their newly hired employees from using tobacco products, they have to sign an agreement not to. I do think it was a lapse in judgment not to wear a helmet, that guy is potentially worth well over $100 million if he can play out his career. I am sure he has taken the time to insure his body with someone like Lloyd's of London so why wouldn't he insure his melon with a helmet?
Personally I just think you are a git, if you ride without a helmet, or even protective clothing. I know it digs up the pld helmet debate... but this guy wasn't even licensed or had the right permits NOT to wear a helmet in a state that allows you to ride with you skull unprotected. The fact that he wasn't speeding preobably saved his life as his injuries were to his noggin.