Back From The Dead!


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Feb 24, 2006
Fayetteville, AR
R3Owners.Net is back online after an outage involving a failure on it's server operating system. The information that was restored was representative of the state the site was in during the very early morning hours of October 19th, when the automated backup procedure takes place. All of my servers in the US are backed up nightly to an EMC Storage Array in a secure facility.

Needless to say, but the future relationship with my service provider is going to be reviewed. Like many tech companies, they have underwent their share of re-organization and leadership changes. When things like this happen, it's easy to focus on the negative effects (especially when they delay restoral), but we'll see what happens after I spend some time with their leadership team.

If your peers exercised a lack of faith in the return of R3Owners.Net, don't let it be a factor in your relationship with them. I don't share much information about myself publicly, and a reality in this world is that regardless of age/education/intelligence/status some will still be quick to judge and ridicule.

Thanks for contributing!
Working Out The Bugs

There's never an easy transition from the old to the new. No matter how you prepare and spend time working on the "What If" scenario.....something's going to act up.

I must say I had a bit of withdrawal the past few days and that's a good thing. It means I cared enough about this forum and the people that participate in it that I couldn't wait to read, post and most of all share the R3 attitude.

You're not going to get rid of me that easy! Hang in there.
It seems that different ISP's keep URL's that you use often in a cache, so some people may see the "Technical Difficulties" page for awhile until their ISP updates those addresses (As explained to me by Shawn). For example... I recieved email notification about new posts in the newsroom but couldn't log onto the site until just now. If you recieve an email with this post in it but can't log on, I would think that your ISP would update no later than 24 hours from now and probably a lot sooner.

Please hang in there.... hopefully this was just a one time speed bump. If not... we go to Plan B (which involves tin cans, string, and pigeons...)
DOA, not quite yet...

I see the Rat.Net was down too. At least I have my auto log on here. Rat.Net lost my password

I can stll remember the pre-computer days when everything was written and mailed. In the trucking industry, all bills of lading were hand written and there was no FAX. Interestingly, people quickly forgot how to do things in longhand. I've seen that a time or two at work when the computers go down and the shipper folks are lost.
Good job

Glad to see we are back in the saddle again, I too had to spend a little more time with the wife this weekend," computer withdrawl " ha ha.
My long distant girlfriend who lives in New York City lost her cell phone this weekend so I could not speak to her, this site went down so I lost you guys, St. Louis lost game two of the world series, too cold to ride the Rocket...sounds like a country western song. Great to have contact again.:)