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Mar 7, 2006
Geneva Switzerland
Friend of mine coming back from a business trip in Italy. Submits his expense book and staples bills and receipts, as required. One of these receipts, from an Italian hotel, reads: "Camera (bedroom in Italian): 70 Euro's". The US external auditor on duty sees it and does not think twice about it. Or, rather, he does. His feedback to my friend : "I have to reject your expense book, despite its having received local approval. Buying a camera is no recognized travel or accomodation expense, without prior approval to do so". His feedback to my friend's supervisor, behind my friend's back "The acquisition of goods or services, such as photographic equipment, intended for personal usage and reported as a company expense violates your Travel Policy Letter (Articles so and so) and, worse yet, represent a blatant breach of your Ethical Code of Conduct (Articles so and so). I recommend that all Mr X monthly expense books submitted since January 2005 be re-audited and that, in the meantime, all reimbursement claims submitted by Mr X be held in abbeyance".

True story. I have seen that correspondence. Enron should only have tried harder.

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My wife is an internal control auditor for a company and one of her jobs is to approve expense reports. She gets people trying to buy furniture, cell phones, and vacations on the company's credit card. Fortunately for me she hasn't used those skills at home and tracked some of my accessory purchases.:eek:
That is a disturbing story. Accountability based on an error. We have warranty audits from time to time. They basically pay us nothing to do their warranty work and they act like we are ripping them off. Its just a pain....
Funniest thing I've read since the bumpkin who went into the local low-income tool library and asked if he could get a hoe there. He kept asking why he couldn't get a hoe there, if they might have a hoe there later, and mentioned he had some kind of weed and he really needed a hoe. The woman on duty, obviously of urban upbringing, called the police.