A big HELLO to all from England


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Sep 6, 2007
Hi everyone. Picked up my Rocket on September 1st this year and what a fantastic bike it is.:D Everything I had hoped it would be and more.
I've had mainly sports bikes before this and thought that my choice of new bike would have been a big shock to many friends and family, but I was wrong. They all love it! :)
How strangers love it too, and can't help but to comment on how fabulous it is to see Triumph producing such a monster.

Great forum. Keep up the good work.
I'll be visiting often.
Glad you've joined in

Sounds like you're getting off to a great start. When you get a chance, as we always ask, please take a few pictures to share with everyone. Especially if you do modifications or paint work. Speaking of paint, and noticing your name on this site, you've got to paint it brown! It will probably be the first of that color and appropriate for your name.

What part of England do you reside. I lived in London years ago and spent many a weekend traveling around looking for the better ale!
Plenty of quality ale, but....

Enjoying the cider at the moment.
Just looking at making some of my own, only so the apples in the garden don't go to waist of course.:D:D
Haven't quite got the hang of the real ales as yet, but I know many that have!!
I'm in Gloucestershire.

Will try and post some pics. Just getting the hang of this new Windows Vista and can't seem to resize the pics I have which are too large at present.

A 'brown' Rocket......... mmmmmm now there's a thought.:rolleyes:

Not sure what mods to make yet.
Would like to dump the cat to improve the sound a little, and change the mirrors for some smaller items.
It still feels a bit too new to start messing with it at the moment.:eek:
But that wont last.
Weather has been okay. In for a dry week if you believe the weather girls this morning.
Out on the bike tomorrow.
Have to call in the dealer for a check on the recall they did a few weeks ago, to stop the bike stalling.
It stalled the day after they so say had done the recall to stop it!
Not too concerned.

Thanks for the welcome.:)

Welcome to THE R3 DNS site...Hope you enjoy your lovely lady as much as we do ours. (NO NO NO Flip, I mean our bikes!)
I wonder if your dealerships are any better than most we have in the Colonies? One thing about it, if you visit us on vacation you won't have to go far to enjoy a ride on a home made bike. Post often...Best regards...Silver Bullet

P.S. If you have problems with your ride, contact Pig9r, Sidecar Flip, or busaJack...a couple of them are way to intelegent to me mere mortal beings....maybe ALIENS!! We're still evaluating...:D
My dealer has been OK so far. A friendly bunch. Lets hope they don't give me reason to change my view.
Posted a pic. Just making sure I knew how.:D
A few more in my album.

You can spend hours on this forum:D


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