1. sonny


    No bike run this year. :(:(:(:(:( Believe this is a first. One of the biggest events in Oklahoma. They will be accepting toys by a drive by only. Very sad but understand the reason behind it. Covid numbers are exploding.
  2. Tazithman

    New Toys!

    After many years of doing vehicle/atv/mower maintenance, rehabbing half a dozen or so barn bike finds to sell (mostly 80's V4 Hondas), and a few car builds I figured it was time to get some proper big boy tools. Sadly, US manufacturing slacked from metric so long the occasional non metric is...
  3. sonny

    Mc Intosh County Toys For Tots

    Just figured to throw it out there. Saturday Dec 9th Checotah Creek casino. Kickstands up at 12:00 noon. This run is benefiting the poorest county in Oklahoma. All toys collected will be Distributed to some folks who would otherwise have to do without. May not have all the glamour of the big run...
  4. Sparky59

    Chicagoland Toys for Tots

    Just wondering is there a group from this site that is going to participate in the Chicagoland Toys for Tots parade?
  5. ksquared

    South Florida Toys In The Sun Run - 12/8/13

    This Sunday, what has been described as the World's Largest Toy Run will take place in Broward County Florida. WE ordinarily get over 30,000 bikes to participate - it takes over 2 1/2 hours for the ride to be completed, WITH a police escort. Since its inception, the Biker Community...
  6. Toystoretom?

    Been a while both here and since you and I last exchanged e:mail notes about my n/a tuning mishaps. Let's read from you, please:). Aye. Jamie
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