stepper motor

  1. Cruze Ryder

    Hi Rev Issue (my fix)

    hi Captains, had my rocket for almost 9 years now, had a lingering hi rev issue since practically day one. i have done everything imaginable to try and fix it. replaced the primary TPS, re-tuned it a million times, removed the stepper motor, lubed it a dozen times. in the end, i just kept...
  2. kenne

    Is this TPS or stepper motor? or something else altogether

    So my bike when i'm riding my bike it is excellent but lately once i take it past 3k in rev's it decides to stay there like cruise control.Somtime t even increases rev's with no hand on the throttle. It is a 2006 classic, Ramair, three into one exhaust. secondaries are removed running ECU tune...