1. Navigator

    Triple K&N Air Filters

    I was going through my vintage Triumph parts the other day and found three K&N air filters. I can't for the life of me recall where I got them but they are clean and appear unused. They might have been in a box of parts I bought from a local independent when he closed. The opening is just shy...
  2. Mikethepie

    Tarting up the R3, K&Ns & stuff!

    I have recently bought the 2010 classic which I've always hankered after, and whilst great, I'd like to make a few alterations to. I've seen a few shots on here of bikes with k&n filters fitted, some with a modified 'bearclaw' which looks good. Some retailers state I need to install a power...
  3. Journeyman


    I hesitate to start a new thread on this. I've searched the archives and have found a few bits of information, but I really could use some feedback. Background: I completed a valve adjustment- just one intake out of spec (too loose) that came in perfectly right in the middle after a shim...