1. mexican

    Confusing Situation with Horns

    Trying to hook up the horns but ran into a confusing situation, (for me). Disconnected the oem horn, found what i thought it was the positive and negative on the horn, if i remember correct my 05 had only one wire which makes the only connection positive and the ground gets it from the frame. On...
  2. ZoneIII

    New horns - relay necessary or not.

    2015 R3T. I'm replacing the goofy "meep meep" horn that came on my R3T finally. I chose the P1AA 85114 Slim Line 400Hz + 500Hz set based on excellent reviews. I just received them today and tested them using my fully charged battery that isn't installed for the winter months but is being...
  3. ChrisACT

    New Horns

    There are a few threads on how piddly the Rocket 3 horn is and various replacement options. I've decided to go with these: I decided to go by what I thought the horns actually sounded like. The tone, rather than the alleged sound pressure. I like the sound of these. Most air horns...