cold start

  1. Cold start issue... Please help 05R3

    Hi all, I have posted about this issue before with no resolve. Hoping someone can help me out. Unless the outside temp is at least 80 degrees or more it will not start also has a very slow and sluggish turn over. I figured out that if the temp is less than 80 degrees I can take a space heater...
  2. Journeyman

    16ºF and No Can Start, Gotta Ride to Work, Battery Recommendations?

    Looking back quickly over past threads, there seemed to be a consensus on the Odyssey PC625 battery, but those posts were 2008-2009 era. Is that still the best choice to start the beast? I leave the bike plugged into a battery tender, but she sleeps in a utility shed, so she's pretty cold to...
  3. germ79

    Do I need a new battery?

    Hey guys! Haven’t had the chance to ride the new bike since my test ride, but have started a couple times to show folks. The first time I went to start it, it just turned over once and nothing. Threw it on the battery tender and it started fine. Went to start it back up a couple days later and...