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  1. Rocketrottie

    05 r3 1500 miles stutter

    Never tried that seafoam stuff. But I know these bikes don't like to sit. I had to use a fuel system cleaner to get mine going again after sitting for a year.
  2. Rocketrottie

    05 r3 1500 miles stutter

    Just run her. Maybe some injector cleaner and a few tanks of high octane.
  3. Rocketrottie

    New guy from Middle TN

    Welcome. I have 60 thousand miles of smiles on my old 06 R-3
  4. Rocketrottie

    lithium battery

    I bought my lithium battery from bike bandit back when they were still open. I got 4 years out of it. Great battery for cold weather startups. Just hit it for a few seconds. then do it a again to wake it up. Fires up every time.
  5. Rocketrottie

    Looking for a great service tech in Las Vegas.

    Anyone have a great place in Las Vegas that can service. My 06 R-3? I'm looking to get my valve clearances checked. Fuel pump and filter replaced. I've done everything else. Euro Cycles are a bunch of patsies and wont service anything over 10 years old. Thanks in advance.
  6. Rocketrottie

    Hello gang.

    I might get a security job there. If the wifey lets me. 😜
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  8. Rocketrottie

    New battery question..

    I have a lithium-ion battery from Bikemaster on mine. Model DLFP20L-BS. Had it for 3 years now. Still works just fine. In the cold, Its great. You just have to wake it up. Hit the starter. it sounds like its dying. Turn off the key...wait a few seconds... start it again it gets faster. Turn...
  9. Rocketrottie

    Hello gang.

    wow. Not a cool time to ride or break down. My limit is 104 degrees. How did you manage to get your bike fixed?
  10. Rocketrottie

    Hello gang.

    I've been away for about 5 years. I still have my ole 06 R-3. Just stopping by to say hello. Cant believe I've had this bike for 14 years.
  11. Rocketrottie

    FYI: D&D Touring Pipes + Crossover For sale in UT

    I have D&Ds on my R-3 and I love them . Best bang for the buck. Also had a D&D on my victory Sport Cruiser. GRAB THIS DEAL!!!
  12. Rocketrottie

    2020 Rocket3 0-60mph 2.7sec

    Third time will be the charm.
  13. Rocketrottie

    2020 Rocket3 0-60mph 2.7sec

    LOL you can have those Duracell cars.
  14. Rocketrottie

    My new girl just rolled off the delivery truck.

    YOU NEED A NICE CAR TIRE ON THAT BAD BOY. :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  15. Rocketrottie

    **SOLD** Corbin Backrest with Glove Box

    LOL **** that thing is ugly.
  16. Rocketrottie

    Hello, from Louisiana

    I have been very lucky. This is my first failure. LOL. The switch was a little finicky a few weeks ago. So I was considering a new switch. But for a week the bike was just fine. I started to forget about it. So I took a ride to Arizona, about 100 miles away from Las Vegas. Its about 6 pm last...
  17. Rocketrottie

    Ignition switch is starting to fail.

    Yes I will do that. Thanks to all for the help. Very much appreciated.
  18. Rocketrottie

    Ignition switch is starting to fail.

    Thank you all for the replies. For now I just got a switch on order from the dealer. Im afraid to mess with the electrics on this bike. Thank you thank you thank you.