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2011 2011 R3R Tors Ramair with more fuel and less timing in cruise, decel pop added Revision 1 (For use)

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I just spent the last week modifying and testing this final tune revision, you must set TPS at .64v and ISCV at .76v the reason is that if you set the TPS and ISCV at std settings there is too much lag between TPS movement and throttle movement ie it goes lean until the tps starts relaying movement to ECU - validated with Tune ECU.

Read the info details that come with the tune in TuneEcu.

The AFR values are right on the money now.

Oh and by the way I am running 95 Octane fuel.
This is a revision C of previously uploaded tune now with very slightly better economy validated with (new) Wideband O2 sensor - just completed a 300 km ride. Have adjusted AFR's and confirmed all ranges from WOT to cruise and coast - running sweet as a nut - plenty of safe power on tap.

My ride 2011 R3R is fitted with stock header, 3 x pod filters, staintune crossover and staintune mufflers.
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