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2011 2011 R3R Tors Ramair with more fuel and less timing in cruise, decel pop added Revision 1 (For use)

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20355 Baseline Dyno Tune 2011 - Thanks Martin_Brighton_Uk
Pod Filters, Staintune Mufflers and Crossover
Balanced F and L tables
Decel pop added
Modified AFR throughout the range.
You must - repeat must reset your TPS and ISCV as per my notes.
Read the notes/details that come with the tune file in TuneEcu.
I spent the last week - part time - tweaking and adjusting the Tune to get this final revision 1 with the use of a new wideband O2 meter mounted on the bike. I can now say it is running well with the best AFR it has ever had.
Enjoy it.
John Miller
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Latest reviews

Very much a novice but I think this tune has really enhanced performance and has less decel pop than when my Roadster was totally stock.
John Miller
John Miller
Good to hear, enjoy the ride.
I added the values from the 0 throttle position to my tune and the decel popping went away. My tune is in my sig line. Seems to be a cure, I did leave zero in from 1500 and under RPM. Thank you.
John Miller
John Miller
Good job well done.
I put latest up date of this tune in my 2011 Roadster, after a 300km ride the bike going very nice at all throttle openings, no decel popping, I am very pleased.
John Miller
John Miller
Happy to help.
Great job, hope for reduced fuel consumption than the original map Martin. The bike runs great!
John Miller
John Miller
Cheers, I don't know if it will be vastly better fuel consumption but it will be a lot smoother and less snatchy. Plenty of grunt when you go WOT. Enjoy
Five stars. This is flat out there smoothest tune for my R3R 2011
John Miller
John Miller
I am happy with it. Glad you like it, thanks for posting your dyno tune which allowed me to refine it a little.