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    Pitting on aluminium ?

    Red Scotchbrite does the trick. I use it all the time in my job as a cnc machinist for applying grain to aluminum parts. I’ve also used it to repair minor cosmetic damage to the aluminum on my rocket 3. Be very careful to maintain the grain.
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    TTS Supercharger

    Hehe, I didn’t realize that p*rn was censored.
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    TTS Supercharger

    As a CNC machinist, I'm loving the machining ****!
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    Rear rim leaks air, I can't be the only one

    My best friend has a 600hp turbo Hayabusa. It doesn't need anything special to keep the tire in place, street or strip.
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    Using a Motorcycle Jack

    The time of year when one doesn't ride because the temperature is usually below 10 and it's usually raining and the nearby fun mountain roads are covered in snow. Oh yeah, and I hate you if you can ride year round. :D
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    First nail in the 240 rear tire

    The last plug I used lasted 100km. The one before that lasted the life of the tire.
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    Custom tune on my 2020 R dyno sheet

    Stock Vmax dynos around 175hp 110ft lbs torque.
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    Recalls etc

    One year with mine, 10 000km. 0 problems.
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    Do not over fill the tank

    There was a post about a year ago where someone left the gas filling while not paying attention. His Rocket 3 burned to the ground. It's definitely best to not overfill the tank just for a few extra kilometers of travel.
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    Free unrestricted maps for Rocket R GT and TFC now online

    A motor that is nowhere near stock. Treemans build warrants going well past 7k.
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    New tire needs balancing?

    The tire itself is not perfectly balanced, so you must balance every time you put new tires on.
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    Rev limiter vs top speed limiter

    I don't know if anyone really knows the top speed of a stock derestricted bike. People who remove the limiter are also likely to retune the bike, which adds around another 30hp to the wheel. There have been other threads where people reported their top speeds, though was everyone honest? How...
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    Rev limiter vs top speed limiter

    ...and it is safe to do 147?! :D
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    Rev limiter vs top speed limiter

    There's a bunch of math involved that requires the coefficient of drag and frontal area. A first generation Hayabusa with a prone rider would theoretically require 157hp to the rear wheel to hit 300km/h (they put down 165ish is stock form). A stock rocket is much bigger and much less slippery...
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    Run premium fuel?

    It's 6.24.59 here on the south west coast of Canada...