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    New tire needs balancing?

    The tire itself is not perfectly balanced, so you must balance every time you put new tires on.
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    Rev limiter vs top speed limiter

    I don't know if anyone really knows the top speed of a stock derestricted bike. People who remove the limiter are also likely to retune the bike, which adds around another 30hp to the wheel. There have been other threads where people reported their top speeds, though was everyone honest? How...
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    Rev limiter vs top speed limiter

    ...and it is safe to do 147?! :D
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    Rev limiter vs top speed limiter

    There's a bunch of math involved that requires the coefficient of drag and frontal area. A first generation Hayabusa with a prone rider would theoretically require 157hp to the rear wheel to hit 300km/h (they put down 165ish is stock form). A stock rocket is much bigger and much less slippery...
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    Run premium fuel?

    It's 6.24.59 here on the south west coast of Canada...
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    TTS Supercharger

    Naah, it's custom. Custom is very expensive, and it definitely looks expensive.
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    TTS Supercharger

    Ricky Gadson, a pro drag racer, did 10.56@126 on a stock bike. Stock bikes tend to put down 145 to the rear wheel. Using a 1/4 mile calculator (which will be optimistic on et, and accurate on mph) With 220 rwhp, which is what the supercharger kit gives without engine work, Ricky could get...
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    Peak Horsepower

    When you accelerate hard you feel the torque trying to dump you off the back of the bike. When you shift at 4000 the torque drops significantly and you don't feel much pull in the next gear. Because of the flat torque curve, the bike keeps "pulling" all the way to redline. When you shift at...
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    Carpenter Drag Headers...Love em or Hate em!

    Because I absolutely love the look of the stock exhaust (though stock is a little quiet) I wouldn't put them on my bike, but I definitely appreciate them. I'd love to see and hear them in person.
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    2020 R3 vs 2022 R3

    Im I'm curious what's been done to your bike to be putting down over 200hp. Very cool. (Carpenter has developed a pipe + tune that put down 189hp, though it doesn't seem like they're available yet)
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    2020 R3 vs 2022 R3

    Yes. Search his user name and "Start A Conversation"
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    2020 R3 vs 2022 R3

    He's a member of this forum.
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    2020 R3 vs 2022 R3

    Big. Black. Badass. Anything else is too civilized.
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    ODBII Reader for R3GT

    I have an OBDLink MX201. I used it to send Penners flash to my bike.
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    Have you done it yet?

    They happen frequently on my ZX14, though never unexpectedly and rarely more than 6" off the ground. I don't think I've ever done one on my Rocket, though I'm sure I could. Tires are expensive and work better when they're not square, so I prefer not to smoke them.