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    Thermostat removal

    we might need @John Miller to give us a tutorial? i took mine to a bike shop, came back loose and was leaking coolant again *insert very pissed customer here* .. my bike is sitting there waiting to be ridden once i can tighten the lower thermostat bolt!
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    chrome paint

    It doesn't look like real chrome, and to get it done professionally you may as well go with chrome. Have you considered chrome wraps? Would be inexpensive for small bike parts
  3. Veneficus

    Thermostat removal

    Hi all, i am just wondering if anyone has removed the thermostat without taking the oil tank off? if so, it would be great to get any tips! 08 Touring.
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    What's the coolest looking Rocket you've seen?

    Theres really nice looking one that was choppered for the metric revolution, but it had a number of real work use issues... looked sexy as hell though
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    Hi from Central West NSW Australia

    Well I just rolled my r3t out of the shed to get ready for summer and was looking for some info and found the forum, so here I am.
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