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  1. TTS Supercharger

  2. TTS Supercharger

    Richard, this is the finest motorcycle performance product I’ve ever seen! Your vision looks absolutely amazing. Three cheers to you and you team for making it happen!
  3. TTS Supercharger

    Freakin Awesome!!
  4. TTS Supercharger

    I'm in Richard!
  5. Clutch switch problem

    I have my 2020 in for its 20K service and I am having the dealer replace the clutch switch as it keeps loosening and causing the aforementioned starting issue. Definitely agree that this much too flimsy on an otherwise solidly built bike.
  6. Carpenter Drag Headers...Love em or Hate em!

    I'm not familiar with the old design. I did purchase and optional baffle. The baffle is of good design, doesn’t restrict the exhaust flow but provides a reasonable amount of sound dampening. When the baffle is removed it is a straight shot out the tailpipe. I could not imagine riding without the...
  7. Carpenter Drag Headers...Love em or Hate em!

    Thanks for your thanks. Never ran the bike with the Carpenter without a tune. I was running the Werks slipons for awhile then I did the Penner tune for TuneECU. The tune really opened up the throttle body to 100% (stock is restricted). The Werks pipe had a more erratic pop and crackle. The...
  8. Carpenter Drag Headers...Love em or Hate em!

    Disclaimer: These headers are not for everyone! Some of you may be offender by their unorthodox look. Others aghast that you have to ride with a heatshield strapped to your leg. And many will say that they look like **** or are too loud. The list of negative perspectives I’m sure is long. I am...
  9. Total Miles so far

    20K on my 2020 R3 and the tranny absolutely no problems. BTW: going in for 20K service which includes a valve adjustment.