2010 R3 Roadster 230 hp (Matt Black) Called BRUTUS

Riding, Fishing etc
Brisbane, Australia
2010 R3 Roadster 230hp (Matt Black) Called BRUTUS
Country Flag
Current Bike Details
2020 TFC Rocket #385
Other Motorcycles
2010 Custom R3 Roadster, 2007 standard R3, 2011 Roadster (un-modified)
Plant and Machinery Valuer
Riding, Fishing etc


Tony (The Hooligan):rolleyes:
2020 TFC, 2010 R3R

LMS-Ozpipe Headers - Jardine Mufflers, Triple Uni Filters, Neville Lush Cams and Tune, High Compression Pistons, Wilbers Suspension, DEcosse Keyless Ignition, Day Maker Headlights, Custom Overflow Tank, Quick Release Sissy Bar. MTC Billet Clutch Basket, Oz Claw.
Drag Race
231 Hp, 187 ft lb Torque:D


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