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    Lifted the front end of ground this morning.

    Yes, the first time is the best. Doesn't last long enough, and you want to go and do it again. Wait, what are we talking about....
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    I know I'm a sign nut.

    Beer IS the water of life.
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    Fuel Bot

    Professor Electric, Sounds good. I'll text you tomorrow when I get a handle on my schedule. Might be working this weekend....again
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    Fuel Bot

    I do, I do. Might have time later this week if you'll be around. If not next week?
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    Fuel Bot

    I think I should look into getting "Fuel_Bot" to monitor my fuel. Any body have any real world use/info on utilizing a Fuel bot on a R3?
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    gas tank screen question

    I have to admit i have run her dry before, and have put in 6 gallons or more on a couple of occasions. I Need to actually read the odometer!!!
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    gas tank screen question

    Thanks for the info. Was not looking forward to removing tank if needed. D
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    gas tank screen question

    Thanks for the info. I truly hope you right!
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    gas tank screen question

    Today I was filling up and as I pulled the nozzle out I noticed a small 1/4 to 1/2 inch round piece of rubber fall off the nozzle and into my tank. Question. How large is the screen, and do you think it will cause any problems? By the way I put in 6.2 gallons. I Don't think my pump was too...
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    Low enough

    Imagine that thingy showing up at your local Department of motor vehicles to take the motorcycle riding test.
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    I know I'm a sign nut.

    My late pops favorite song. I can still hear him sign that song. Brings back good memories.
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    For Sale Heads up re great partout of a non damaged '05 R3

    Mr. Watson, evidently it is not elementary as I am not the seller of such fine articles. My trusty steed is intake. :thumbsup: The sellor doesn't take PayPal. Seriously!
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    Bike down deer dead.

    WOW! Glad your OK. As said-bikes can be repaired or replaced. d
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    Fees - buying and keeping a R3 in California

    Here is a link to the California Department of Motor Vehicles website. This would be a good place to start to get a handle on registration fees. Also a link for California sales tax on vehicles is attached. Good Luck- d- Sales tax on cars and vehicles in California Vehicle Registration...
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    For Sale Fly Screen

    Bob, Recieved the Fly Screen this afternoon as advertised. Thanks much. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow- D-