Wouldn't You Know It !


Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
What a beautiful day. I rode a good 4 hours off and on. Even stopped at my local staircase and cleaned the lower part of the bike and the wheels. Let me explain.

I've been looking at lift for over a year and was just ready to buy a air/hydralic unit that would have cost $800 including freight to KC. I'm not able to bend down for any length of time and really can't work laying down so it's hard to keep the lower part of the bike clean.

Today I'm driving by a small strip center with retail shops and in the rear I saw a sidewalk approximately 4 feet wide, then a 3 bar railing and then steps leading down about 4 feet to a rear service door for the retail shops. Eureka!

I drive up on the sidewalk, park the bike as close as I can to the rail and then grab the cleaning supplies and walk down the steps. Now I'm facing the bike with my eyes just about the same height as the oil tank. What a breeze to clean wheels, under carriage and motor while standing up. After 20 minutes, moved the bike to the other side and finished up in under 45 minutes total.

Now I've got a problem deciding where to put the $800 I'd planned for the lift. I think the center stand is the first option. That will help me get the left (kick stand) side of the beast closer to the railing by not having to lean on the stand. The other thing I'm thinking about is having the exhaust ceramic coated. I'll keep you posted on that job as it has to be shipped to Texas for the coating and should only take a week to get it back.

Hope some of you got out and rode. Rusty, hope you got all the goodies put on and working, shining or moving correctly. Tomo...hope you feel better. Pig9r...hope you're both having fun with the new baby. Hondax... hope you got some free time to fly the coop and ride and Raymond.... I hope you haven't lost anything this weekend!
Pianoman, You aren't going to wait for winter to get exhaust ceramic coated? What about Rocket withdrawals?
I too like the idea of a center stand but I'd really like to see one first.
How high does the 800 buckaroo lift actually lift the bike?

Today is the first day our road was dry enough to get the bike out. Unfortunately I was too busy to ride. Tomorrow I go to North Kansas City to see my son get inducted in the Army. :) I guess its at the US Military Entrance Processes Station on Prairie View Road. Then that evening it's supposed to rain......:(
Here's My Plan

I'm considering 3 options for the ceramic coating for the pipes.

1. Send it now and have it back in 10 days. This sounds best so I'll get it done quick and probably the **** rain will be doing it's thing at least part of the time.

2. Wait until we get in that sizzling part of August when I'm only comfortable riding in the early morning or evening.

3. Wait until I put it up for winter and not worry about it being gone for a while since I can't ride that much during the winter.

Right now I'm leaning toward #1 and bite the bullet. At least it will be done and over with!

Most of the lifts have several heights it can stop at with a final lift between 33 -43 inches.