Apr 1, 2006
Overland Park, Kansas USA
Here we are in the middle of a perfectly beautiful fall with above the normal seasonal temperatures and nobody's talking about a ride someplace. What's that all about?

Anyone interested in taking a Sunday and going someplace for lunch? We haven't been down to Sedalia since last year and I'm thinking BBQ and seeing my waitress girlfriend again.

Any takers?
I'm checking with the wifie to see if we have any plans. I'd sure like to put some "fun" miles on the old girl, the bike that is, the wife has lost her since of "fun" over the past several years.

Anyway, I'd like to tentatively schedule tagging along with you, which ever direction you point the Rocket.

I'll keep in touch PM.

See ya.
I'm a maybe... I have to work Saturday so I may have too much on my plate Sunday.

I'll get back to ya :D
Out of town this Sunday, but was thinking of trying to get something together in the next week or two myself if we can track down Raymond.
From what I saw this morning, rain is forecast for "this" Sunday. PM, every time you try to plan some fun, the weather man catches wind of it & trys to spoil it.

What about the Jamesport ride? Not as far as Sedalia but beautiful roads. Although if you have a desire to visit with a girlfriend, I can't buck that.

I'm guessing that you had no problem getting your front tire attended to?

See ya.
Not This Sunday

Well, between the projected weather and my Tire repair kit not getting here today so I can't extract the phillips screw out of my front tire....... Maybe next week!
That would be better for me also (Next week).... if you need tire plug stuff swing by the shop Saturday AM and I'll get you set up so at least you can ride this next week. I promise to be nice and not beat up any car salesmen :D...

I emailed Raymond and haven't heard a peep...
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It's Here

Well, the Stop and Go tire kit got here late Friday evening. Saturday morning will be my first attempt and using all the gadgets to see if I can extract the Phillips screw place in a mushroom plug and still hold pressure. After watching Rusty fix my rear tire a few weeks back, this front tire should go fairly well. I have a huge amount of lubricant to be sure nothing gets stuck.( Boy, this is going X-rated real quick)